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1….The Prosperity gospel -Intro

2….The Prosperity gospel -overview

3….Money, Money Money

4….Word of Faith – theology overview

5….False Doctrine – our words have ‘Creative’ divine power

6….False Doctrine – we are little gods, we are ‘I am’

7….False Doctrine - faith is a force we control

8….False Doctrine – Sowing seed faith – buying our miracle


10….Generational Curses

11….The New Reformation Movement

12…Why this matters

Ever since I heard of this mega church in Zimbabwe I started an uncomfortable journey and some of you will have seen my posts over the year’s highlighting the folly of this thing they call the “Prosperity” Gospel.

But it is so much more that it appears on the surface and its theology which is at least as heretical as JW has infiltrated the ‘charismatic’ movement in a way that is frankly hard to believe.  And yet if you read the new Testament, the apostles time and time again warn us of this very thing.  What will surprise many Christians is how much of mainstream Christianity has been polluted by this teaching. You will have their books and sing their songs.

1….The Prosperity gospel -Intro

Series to come